Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge

The course thar will teach you how to speak,
appear and present to an audience in the most
professional and convincing way.

Over the years, we’ve trained tens of thousands in the skills of debate and rhetoric, including World, European, and National debate champions.

The Center's education division runs courses, workshops and advanced training at Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute, the Ministry of Education's National Debate Program, and municipal programs in several leading cities.

which is given by the best of the Center’s teachers

the best exercises into the most comprehensive and enriching course of its type

the most hands-on methods

We’ve distilled the latest materials

What will you learn?

To find the right thing to say in any situation

To build an effective speech

To stand, speak, and appear before an audience

To become a stage animal

To deal with counter arguments

To build and convey an argument in the most solid, precise and convincing manner

The Curriculum

The course is available in English and Hebrew and is tailored to Primary and High-School students
The course centers on three main subjects:


How to arrive prepared?


How to say?


What to say?

The 30 Day Challenge in English

The 30 Day Challenge in Hebrew

No prior experience is required!

Why should I choose this course in particular?

Daily challenges on the way to success

Techniques developed by World Champions of Debate

Short, fun and light-hearted lessons

The comprehensive and unique course of its type

Practical methods that are simple to bring to bear

With this course you can become:

More charismatic

Learn to speak in a fluent, funny, engaging, and deliberate way through our targeted and
hands-on methods

More confident

Practice speaking in front of an audience, believing in your ideas and expressing them in our challenges

More convincing

Learn to build well-founded arguments, to deal with counterarguments quickly and convince people in a respectful and pleasant manner

Warren Buffet, an American Billionaire who specialises in investment and is considered the world’s top investor

What will it cost me?

250 Shekels for one course | 350 Shekels for both

Any Other Questions?